Give Direct cash grant procures a Polygamous family Vehicle

Samuel Nangiro, 32, said all the five women agreed to combine the money and they came up with the idea of buying the vehicle in order to make more money to expand their income ,buy land among others.



Nakapiripirit-A polygamous family in Nakamisitae village, Nabulenger Parish, Loreng Parish in Nakapiripirit district Karamoja region in north eastern Uganda has transformed its living cost after buying an Ipsam vehicle REG NO UAQ145T out of Give directly cash grant meant for poorest of poor.

Samuel Nangiro, 32, with five wives, 22 children said all his women came to common idea combining the contribution of 2,380,000 shillings given by Give directly to each of them as beneficiaries hence they bought a car. He says an amount totaling 11,900,000 shillings was accumulated and added little money collected from their grinding machine.

Nangiro said all the five women agreed to combine the money and they came up with the idea of buying the vehicle in order to make more money to expand their income ,buy land among others.

This family attest that their livelihoods; cost of living has transformed because the family gets social services like education, health among others compared to previous where life was hard.

“We were unable to afford it but now I can provide for my family basic income and I give each wife 5,000 shs on a daily basis and 20,000 weekly. Nangiro said”. He added that he makes an average of 80, 000 shillings a day.  Besides I assist the community in emergencies to health facilities especially pregnant women and other illnesses.

Margrate Tiyan, another beneficiary of give directly in direct   Nakamisitae village, Nabulenger Parish tells a successful story of where she now owns a running grinding machine mill after utilizing 2.2 million given by give direct.

Ivan Ntwali, a country director ,give directly says they have feature plans to roll out the program to the whole Karamoja region and other regions once resources are available.

Give directly is a nongovernmental organisation that exclusively delivers cash grants to people living in extreme poverty, beyond that they also serve vulnerable populations such as refugees and disasters, a case in point Elgon Region helping relocation from high risk areas to less risk areas.

He said the program benefits each household US 1000 dollar equivalent to Ugx 3.5 m.

Esther Anyakun , state minister for relief disaster preparedness and refuges office of prime minister challenged donors and various partners coming to the region to transform the region to emulate give directly.

Anyakun, who is also a woman member of parliament of  Nakapiripirit district says Karamoja is one of the regions with high frequency rates of hazards and disaster occurrences in Uganda year in year out especially worst in hunger.”

The State Minister encouraged the government to adopt mechanisms aimed at reducing disaster risks, especially combating bureaucracy on government programs.  However, he says there is a need by the government to activate contingency plans for reducing economic losses and integrate risk management in its development plans.

Raphael Magezi, Minister for Local Government who was in joint monitoring of the give directly pilot cash program in Loreng Sub County Nakapiripirit district, said the approach of Give directly is transparent. He commended giving directly for uplifting populations economically for the last 13 years.

He said government has signed MoU with give direct to pilot a project of supporting households in Busenyi and Nakapiripirit and he has found exciting methodology which he said government should interest experimenting reducing bureaucracy in PDM program.