Katakwi Patients Share Beds as Lack of Infrastructure Hit District

Donald Ongole one of patient’s admitted at male ward says patients are forced to be discharged before they are fully recovered due to limited space



Katakwi General hospital -Photo By Emma Olinga

Katakwi- As one way to meet better health services for all, the people getting treatment in Katakwi General Hospital have decried lack adequate infrastructure such wards to accommodate patients.

Some of the patients who interacted with our reporter decry that lack of infrastructure have forced them to sleep under the floor.


According to him when new admission are brought some patients don’t complete treatment because beds are limited for patients.

Norah Apeduno, another patient, a resident of Abwanget in Getom Sub County says patients and patient’s attendant’s sleep under the flow to allow the emergency cases.  She added that power blackout and lack of kitchen is also another challenge patients are faced with.

Dr Joseph Emuron, Clinical officer who represented the medical superintendent acknowledged that inadequacy of infrastructure has affected both patients and medical fraternity.

However, Dr Emuron says the decision to discharge patients is based on situation is rear accept when the wards are really full.

He said that there is need by government to implement on the upgrade of the hospital since matter plan has already been sent by ministry of health to meet the bigger population getting treatment from the facility.

Statistics  from OPD indicate that on monthly basis receives approximately 3000 patients and 100 patients in daily attendance.

Geoffrey Omolo, the LCV Katakwi added his to voice saying lack of improper infrastructure remains the major challenge. He added that all the lower health centers are faced with challenge of small spaces to accommodate patients.

Omolo says Katakwi hospital is by name since 12 years ago the status of hospital remained at health center Iv in terms of infrastructure. He noted that the few improvement.

But Daniel Mulalu, private secretary in charge political mobilization in the office of HE president of Uganda who is  resident Acegelekinei village, Ngariam sub county, Katakwi district upon hearing the wanting situation handed over 54 modern electric beds and 183 mattress worth 85 million shillings.

He asked residents of Ngariam county and all stakeholders to closely work together to build better Katakwi.