Stop Defiling Katakwi Children VP Alupo Cautions.

Katakwi leaders have appealed to the people in Katakwi and Teso at large to observe and respect the basic rights of children's rights.



Katakwi Pupils during the commomerationg of International day of African child

Stop Defiling Katakwi Children VP Alupo Cautions.

Katakwi- Various stakeholders and Katakwi leaders have appealed to the people in Katakwi and Teso at large to observe and respect the basic rights of children’s rights.

In 1976, 16th of June the students of South Africa were protesting against the injustices in the education system but the South African police violated their rights by shooting them.

During the commemoration of the international African Child Day, which is observed every 16th annually, Katakwi celebrated theirs on 21st Wednesday under the theme promoting and protecting children’s rights in the digital environment.

Betty Angiro, the Senior Probation and Social Welfare Katakwi district speaking during celebrations as way to pay tribute to the Soweto children that went through Apartheid in South Africa during colonial rule revealed that Katakwi children have equally suffering from pursuit defilers who have failed to observe the children’s rights.

Angiro says the development is retarding gains realised in the district on Girl- Child Education. She notes that most of the affected children are learners in both upper primary and lower secondary.

Angiro cited with pain an incident where a father of Usuk in Usuk county names withheld for investigations defiled his 6 years old child also names withheld as minor.

She said children’s rights continue being violated, a move she called upon all stakeholders and leaders such as police to prevail justice to children of Katakwi.

Catherine Tino the District Community Development Officer says children have continued to suffer a lot in the hands of parents. She says parents have engaged their children in early marriages and labourers which she says hampers their education.

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Martine Egwarat, the LC3 chairperson Palam sub county says its barbaric act to hear parents still defiling their siblings.

Emmanuel Opus, Wash coordinator Welt hunger Hilfe also doubled as Regional coordinator for Teso CSOs in the sector of Water ,sanitation and hygiene and aspect of community support  reckoned appealing  people to strengthen and protect the rights  and needs of children of Katakwi and Teso at large.

Patrick Olila , the Chief Administrative Officer  Katakwi says  the district is committed to stop the act of forced labour and child defilement in the district.

Geoffrey Omolo Katakwi District chairperson said he has witness in the office of probation flocked with cases of defilement, Rape and early marriages and now Usuk County leads and six people have been arrested with such related cases.

Omolo says parents should emphasise educating their children and desist from luring children to early marriages.

Retired Maj. Jessica Rose Alupo Epel who was presiding as Chief Guest during the commemoration of African children in  Amorwuongora primary school, Amorwongora village, Palam Sub County reminded parents to concentrate in giving their children basic rights such as right to food, life, education among others. Adding that they should remind their children of their responsibilities by being good role models and mentors to them.

The vice president also called upon parents, teachers to ensure that they extend basic rights to their children all the time. She also reminded children to take up their responsibilities and be full of integrity, hard work, respect and above all be accepting pieces of advice from parents.

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She called upon the security at the district to ensure that the vises affecting children’s education cycle are handled expeditiously.

Alupo reiterated the fact that the cases of defilement, rape, child labour, forced marriage and teenage pregnancy which affect children are persuaded to its logical conclusion.


Alupo asked the people of Katakwi not to continue abusing children’s rights since parents have the responsibility of upbringing and protecting children.