how to setup a wordpress website on ionos | ionos wordpress tutorial and worpress install

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In Summary

IONOS has a very Unique and Different functions when it comes to many thing like WordPress Installation. This guide shows you how to install WordPress in IONOS with cPanel or Softaculous. You either click on the Video or Follow through this Article

This is a complete #ionos #wordpress_tutorial step-by-step guide on how to #setup a #WordPress_website on ionos hosting. To #install wordpress on ionos hosting is very simple but very tricky, Previously it was direct after you have bought your domain and hosting in but since ionos brought a new service called #mywebsite. The wordpress install button has become hidden.
When I discovered is the reason I recorded this video so I can guide someone else struggling like me. In this tutorial we shall cover the following topics under these time stamps
✍ 0:00 Introduction
✍ 0:14 Login to website
✍ 0:27 Locate the domains under Domains and SSL
✍ 01:00 Method 1 of installing wordpress on ionos when Use domain button is available

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